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Thread: best tuning pegs for a kamaka concert?

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    Default best tuning pegs for a kamaka concert?

    i love my kamaka, but hate the old style tuning pegs. but i don't really want to drill out the holes for something new...any ideas? thanks!
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    Definitely the Gotoh UPT tuners that the new Kamakas come with. I have them on a few different ukes including a Kamaka and they are my favorite tuners period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
    Definitely the Gotoh UPT tuners that the new Kamakas come with. I have them on a few different ukes including a Kamaka and they are my favorite tuners period.
    2nd They are great on my Koaloha Concert.

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    Replacing tuners shouldn't be a major project. You can buy a tapered wood reamer (mine was less than $4 on eBay), ream to the right dimension (both ways) and install Gotoh UPTs. The hardest choice is choosing the button type. Best prices seem to be direct from the Ukulele Site, although there are some on eBay for $72-$75 shipped.

    Just remember...your tuners will be worth more than many ukuleles!
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    Another vote for Gotoh UPT. My 2012 Kamaka soprano came with them from the factory, and they work very well. However, I think they are slightly wider than the original tuners, so as suggested above, you might have to do a bit of reaming. I'm not talented in such things and would be worried about splitting the finish etc. so instead, I'd look for someone to install them professionally.
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    yep, UPT. replaced the fiddly tuners on my vintage Martin tenor with them. [much to the horror of vintage purists] Had to ream the holes[slightly] . I used a step drill bit and did it slowly by hand.
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    Two of these posters are silly .
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    I put the upt tuners on my Kamaka - a beat up gold label. To make the install look right I had to peg the original tuner holes as they were very close to the edge of the headstock - I then re-drilled and reamed the headstock in the correct place so as to keep the body of the ups tuners inside the edges of the headstock. I am well pleased. I am told that the new Kamakas use the matte chrome and white/cream buttons.

    I did consider pegheds but have used the Gotoh upt on three different instruments and like them enormously. I am considering putting them on my OXK - cash flow permitting!
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