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Thread: 5k on eBay

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    Default 5k on eBay

    Home-assembled 5k from Martin parts on eBay, no affiliation, just some eye candy for ya

    5k front.JPG
    5k back.JPG

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    this looks a a lot like the uke played in the 'Mistakes' video that you posted over here...

    at least the headstock logo is similar, is this unique to the 3k or 5k Martins?
    This FAQ link will help you learn about:
    - Magic Fluke Company ukes
    - Pickups, Preamps and Impedance Mismatch
    - Home Recording and Mics
    - String Upgrades
    - iPad Microphones
    - Wolfelele Uke Kit
    - How to string a Baritone uke as a piccolo bass
    - Strings I used for GDAE and CGDA fifths tunings

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