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    Anybody who has a Kinnard Ukulelhere at the Bay Area, Fremont, Ca. I am theprocess of ordering one.
    Is it possible just to take a look at your ukulele.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.


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    You will be very happy. I'm on the other end of the state, but I've owned four Kinnards (two sopranos, a tenor and a baritone) and played more than 30. They are as good as it gets in my book when looking across tone, playability, aesthetics and build execution. PM me if you have any questions I can help with.

    Also, 9/30, Kevin Beddoe will be displaying several Kinnards the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival (see thread in Meet-ups Section). Given that, lots of performances throughout the day, and workshops a plenty, it's easily worth the trip down! ;-)
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