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Thread: Scale techniques/practice: what scale to do after Major and Minor

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhbailey View Post
    I don't think anybody's quite answered the question, so here' my thoughts -- after getting very comfortable with the major and minor scales, keep practicing them for sure, but the next scale types to learn are, in my opinion:
    Mixolydian -- same as major but with the 7th degree of the scale a half-step lower: C D E F G A Bb C (for example)
    Blues scale -- take any major scale and use only these notes with these alterations: 1 b3 4 #4(or b5) 5 b7 1 (3 and 7 are flatted in case my typing isn't clear) and #4 can be thought of as the 4th note raised a half-step or the 5th note lowered a half-step, whichever is easier to think of: C Eb F F# G Bb C (for example)
    Whole Tone Scale -- there's a whole step between each pair of notes: C D E F# G# A# C (for example)
    Pentatonic -- same as major scale only leave out notes 4 and 7: C D E G A C (for example)

    Learn those scale types for each key and combined with the majors and minors you'll have a great arsenal for improvising.
    I was getting lost on where to go next so this gives me a general idea of which path to take. Thank you for your detailed response!

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    Unless you are going for some esoteric type of jazz or rock I don't see the point.
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    Thanks dhbaily. I appreciate the detailed response and was exactly what I was looking for. Apologies for the late response - not getting emails when responses post to this thread.
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