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Thread: Can I prevent UU from logging me out?

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    I only use chrome for anything related to Google such as access to "my drive", hootsuite app and "google my business". Otherwise its the modded FF for me.

    I never get logged out of this site... never. I, as an old gamer have nothing deleting cookies, cleaning anything or updating anything automatically. In fact honestly I rarely worry about cookies.

    Check if your chrome browser has a setting to clear cookies periodically and if it does turn it off or see if there is a place to whitelist the cookies which store logins for frequently used sites such as UU.

    Good Luck
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    If you're an infrequent user, you're more likely to get logged out. I assume the forum keeps track of user activity and logs them out if they've not accessed within a set time. I tend to get logged out of some forums I use less frequently and not others.
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