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Thread: Ohana CK-15BWE Exotic Black/White Ebony Concert Ukulele

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    Default Ohana CK-15BWE Exotic Black/White Ebony Concert Ukulele

    Hi guys. I just came across the "Ohana CK-15BWE Exotic Black/White Ebony Concert Ukulele." I'm not looking to buy one, but the look of it intrigued me and I wasn't able to find out much information about it. Is anyone familiar with it? Is it solid or laminate? How does the ebony sound?

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    Going by the number, I'd say it would be a laminate.
    However, the price suggests otherwise, but lack of info suggests it may have been short lived, only found it on Uke Rebublic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uke1950 View Post
    Going by the number, I'd say it would be a laminate.
    However, the price suggests otherwise, but lack of info suggests it may have been short lived, only found it on Uke Rebublic.
    WOW - that looks very fancy with the almost marble-like figuring of the two-tone wood, but the glossy neck would put me off, as I prefer either no gloss or satin/matte on the back of a neck...but that one sure looks different.

    The Uke Republic description does not say if it's lam or solid, and since it does say 'limited edition' and 'rare' w/regard to the wood combo, if it is a lam uke, then maybe that is why the price is just $329? (due to the rarity)

    But I know very little about wood species other than that I've played ukes with koa (and/or acacia), mahogany, spruce and I could be wrong.
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    I was thinking along the same lines as you guys re the reasons why it might be laminate or solid. Seems an awful lot to pay for a laminate, no matter how pretty, but also seems cheap for such an unusual solid...

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    Interesting look all right. General rule is that if doesn't advertise as "solid" you can be pretty sure it ain't.

    Sailor Brand has some similar offerings in this price range but they are up-front about them being veneer over solid wood, so you theoretically get the tone of the underlying solid with the aesthetics of the fancy veneer. No idea if that's what Ohana has done here.
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    Very nice. It has to be one of a kind, that one in the pic. I like it!
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    Looks very nice, Robin. I blew the pictures up as large as I could to get a better look at the sound hole, but still couldn't tell if lam or solid. I agree with some of the comments that most (but not all!) sellers advertise "solid" if the wood is solid. Why don't you ask Uke Republic? They could probably record the sound for you, too.

    Good luck!
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    It's definitely laminate. For this price, you couldn't even get an unworked set of this wood. Black & White Ebony is very rare and highly sought after by top luthiers worldwide. Very hard to get. I assume the only reason why Ohana got some is that their specific boards were not apt for solid tonewood, so it can only be used as a thin layer of veneer.

    There will be a model with a solid Spruce top, according to Mim on Instagram (she also mentions that the Ebony is laminated).

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