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Thread: So... I suck at Fortnite's Battle Royal? How about you?

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    Default So... I suck at Fortnite's Battle Royal? How about you?

    I'm currently playing on a super-wide monitor at 2560 X 1080. Fortnite's Battle Royal is all the rage today... do you play? I simply have been trying to not die... so far no good, but its fun.

    Nothing like sneaking around hoping no one sees you.

    Anyone want to team or squad up shoot me a PM.

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    This is the first video game that’s ever made me wonder if I’m too old and just don’t “get it” anymore. I’m horrible!

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    I am also tired of playing online games like fortnight. Therefore, I prefer offline games filled with action too. I think you should Download War Machines Mod APK. I'm also addicted to this one.

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