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Thread: Season 298 - Walking to New Orleans

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    For my 4th and final entry of this week I did this classic by Gary U.S. Bonds. I've always loved the crackling energy of this tune. Put this together quick, this was my 1st full take.

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    Mack the Knife recorded by Louis Armstrong who was born in New Orleans
    Hope I dont get expelled this time

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    I guess this would go on list #2 - Mentions New Orleans.

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    Enjoyed learning this Steve Goodman tune about a train called the "City of New Orleans". Theme II ~ Song that mentions New Orleans

    Probably best known as an Arlo Guthrie song played on the piano, the author Steve Goodman has a very interesting story.
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    Hi Russ! Herewith, "It Had To Be You", which has been performed by Harry Connick Jnr., who was born in New Orleans. This is the long (very long!) version, including the verses, as provided by Ukester Brown. I always assumed that it was a song of love fulfilled, but the verses show that this is not the case - the adored one goes off and, apparently his/her return would not be welcomed. (Hence the photo of the loved one disappearing out of the photo.) The lyrics are more than somewhat dated ... if anyone told me that "with all your faults I love you still", I think I'd probably hit them!
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    Randy Newman has written some great stuff for Disney. This is from the film The Princess and the Frog which came out a few years ago and is set in 1920s New Orleans. As such, it has a great jazzy soundtrack and this is my favourite song from it.

    It's sung by a trumpet-playing Alligator named Luis who wants to play jazz without scaring the crowds off, and two people who've been turned into frogs, one a free-loading, uke-jamming Prince, the other a poor waitress working hard to try and save up for her own restaurant.

    Finally found some sheet music for it but even this is a bit simplified from what I got. Had a lot of fun playing it even if my fretting hand/wrist is killing me now. I also discovered the magical world of diminished chords!

    If anyone can point me somewhere that would help me play this sort of stuff properly I'd be very grateful.

    (This is for Theme 2 Russ)
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    I gotta use Louis Prima for my Theme 1 entry. I picked a fairly obscure song he wrote, added some electric uke and this is what came out!

    Randy - Harry122

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    so, we are happy to have a guest singer this week

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    Need more Frankie Ford!

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    Someone actually asked me to sing more songs in French, for some reason.

    So here's one for rule #3. Below the video are the original lyrics that I was trying to sing, and below that is an English translation that I found on a discussion forum (by a human, not an online translator). This is a very simplified and shortened cover.

    If it wasn't for the instrumental break that uses a V chord, this would be a one-chord song. The first thing that attracted me to this song was that it started with something about chickens. "Poulet" being one of the few French words that I recognize immediately, for some reason.

    Les poulets grattent, en arrière
    L'archet ça gratte sur les cordes
    La terre si platte, soleil couché
    Le jour fini, chansons levées

    Ça c'est tout c'est les nouvelles
    Les nouvelles ce soir
    Bon dieu, bon rêve chère canray
    Bon rêve

    Travailler c'est dure et ça donne soir
    Mais le whiskey sa fait tout ça s'en aller
    Grand sourire, sourire de râtelier
    Et dans la bouche la vérité

    The chickens scratch out back
    The bow scratches upon the strings
    The earth reclines, sun sleeps
    Day is done, our songs we lift up

    That is all that is new
    That's new tonight
    Good God, sweet dreams dear canary
    Sweet dreams

    Working is hard and it is evening
    But the whiskey changes everything in us
    Big smiles, smiles throughout
    And in the mouth it is truth

    I think those last two lines may be idiomatic, and perhaps a better way to say it would be:
    Big smiles, big toothy smiles
    And in the smile is the truth

    But of course I could be wrong.
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    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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