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Thread: Season 300 - Deep Cuts

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    Believe it or not, this was the flip side of the massive hit "Seasons in the sun" by Terry Jacks. Some have said this was the worst B side in history. I read an interview with Jacks where he said they only did a few takes of this one, and he wanted a song on the flip side that nobody would ever play so the other side could be the biggest hit possible. In true Terry Jacks fashion, this is my 2nd take. It's also about a dog, so it fits the theme in that way as well. The double entendre of this song made me giggle as a 9 year old kid in 1974, and it makes me giggle in 2017, which tells you a lot about my maturity level......

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    Here's one I recorded yesterday my obscure Wisconsin country singer Larry Lee Phillipson. This may be a 2$ entry here! They are doing Christmas music on the Bonanza uke Facebook page, and I think it's too early for Christmas music, but I did it cause I love trying to pick this one. Sean, are we allowed to do more than one song by the same artist or no? If no, I may do his biggest hit, a rockabilly song, but it's still very obscure.

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    So many wonderful, serious songs so far! Well, that ends now. Cliff Edwards - "Ukulele Ike" sang more than just Jiminy Cricket and cowboy songs. He also supplemented his income by recording a few "adult" songs meant for tavern juke boxes, much like what Benny Bell did. These songs were very "risqué" for the time, with an apparently "dirty-sexy" theme that becomes innocent at the end. I think this'll get by the censors today.

    I added piano and tuba because of course I did.


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    Following Ryan's lead, so I hope it's legal, this is one I put on the Island a few days ago by country singer Penny DeHaven, who should have been a big star but never was. This was about her biggest hit, made it to #34 I think in the charts in the late 60's. I Love this song, and am a big fan of hers. This could be a 2$ entry too possibly. I have another song of hers I've been working on the past few days if we're allowed to do more than one song by the same artist.

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    Here's this week La Wolf entry.
    The song is called Time Bomb and is from the German band Lake (not the US band L.A.K.E.).
    First released on Lake's debut album in 1976.

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    i'm forever discovering "new" (to me!) marc bolan songs, this is a very very early one from before his t rex days, it was new to me before yesterday, i hope it's new to you too!

    "the third degree"

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    Default 300!!!!

    I listen to New Orleans jazz once and awhile on Pandora. When I hear a song I like I take a screen shot. I heard this one the other day. New to me but I loved it's simplicity but catchyness. I hope I captured a but of it.


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    Said it before saying it again - the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts are a rabbit hole that just keeps giving -

    Good percussion adds so much imho - a lot of pop music is basically drums bass and vocals.....
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    Default SOTU 300 - Christmas in Hollis - RUN DMC

    I stumbled across this - had no clue it existed. It's a deep cut for me but if you have heard it before don't post it. Oh dammit...I forgot the header...Here it is in text form!

    ALRIIIIIIIGHT. Seasons of the Ukulele 300 is Deep Throat...I mean cuts...

    If EVERYONE played the UKULELE, the WORLD would be a BETTER place! ~ Jake Shimabukuro


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    This is like a gameshow we have over here called Pointless - you have to try and guess the most obscure answer and figure out what other people don't know

    I've assumed that if we think the artist is sufficiently obscure, then it can be their most famous hit (within the circles aware of them) rather than an obscure hit from an obscure artist. But I'm gambling that they ARE obscure and it's not just me....

    Anywhoodles I've gone for a Swiss/German band called BOY with their song Little Numbers:

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