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Thread: Season 300 - Deep Cuts

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    Quote Originally Posted by pabrizzer
    Said it before saying it again - the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts are a rabbit hole that just keeps giving -

    Good percussion adds so much imho - a lot of pop music is basically drums bass and vocals.....

    Quote Originally Posted by ukuleledaddy View Post
    I totally agree Brian! Great stuff. Jam In The Van is another YT channel I go to to listen to newer live tunes.
    And I have recently come across the Mokum Sessions, when, last week, I was looking for Nathaniel Rateliff. Mandolin Orange are there as well, and they were also mentioned last month
    from Queenscliff, near Geelong, near Melbourne, in Australia

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    The Circle "C" Band were a San Antonio-based country and western swing band. I don't remember all their names, but their lead singer was Harmon Boazeman, who performed and recorded under the name Lee Harmon. Their lead guitar player was Carrol Sammons. They were mostly a live performance band, but they did record several singles. They mostly did covers, but Boazeman also wrote a few original songs which they performed. All of the original band are gone now, except for Sammons, who has retired from professional performance but is still active. He plays lead guitar with the local amateur group at the nursing home every Saturday afternoon, and does a few other local-area gigs (purely for enjoyment) now and then. He's a friend of mine. I get a big kick out of him. Every time I show up for the nursing home thing, he smiles and says, "Now we got somebody who can SING!" He's a great guy. He plays lead on the original of this recording. At the first instrumental break, Boazeman says, "Come in, Carrol!" I'll also upload the original and provide a link.

    original here:
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    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCK View Post
    Way to early.
    i thought it was a bit late actually, i like to start this sort of thing in october at the latest, preferably september. occasionally july???

    ok, shock horror GASP, i know you weren't expecting this (much!) but here is more marc bolan, pre-t.rex again, from when he was in the band "john's children", this single got banned in the UK when it was released in 1967 because of the lyrics

    this may be less obscure than the previous marc song, but i hadn't heard it before, so fingers crossed!!!!

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    All right Bev- I will give you ONE Christmas song if you ALSO give us Debora. In honor of my newest snake (who looks like a Zebora)
    And for Sean. I blame Recovering Bassist for insinuating that we would ever discuss beer at length (LOL).
    This song is so obscure it’s author does not even really exist.
    And really I am just trying to spend all your money.

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    Jon and I have been playing around again.
    A song I first saw when he sent a vid of Kate Rhudy and Mandolin Orange doing it.
    It's actually a Woodie Guthrie song done by Doc Watson and Tim O'Brien among others.
    And now us.

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    Austin, Texas, songwriter Daniel Johnston is beloved in my circle of indie/underground rockers, but I'm not sure how well known he ever got outside that circle. Anyway, he played last week in Portland while I was traveling, so I missed the show. And it was his last tour. And he was backed by Built to Spill. Argh.

    -Ralf Youtz

    My videos are here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanDP View Post
    I've love hear someone do some Yothu Yindi on the ukulele.
    Would you believe I was noodling with some Yothu Yindi earlier today but decided it was too hard. Anyway, by requesting it, you've just confirmed it's not obscure enough.

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    I hope enough people say "never heard it" to make it qualify. The original by Declan O'Rourke is quite simply one of the loveliest songs I know, and although it has been covered by a few people, and talked about a lot by Paul Weller (who rates it as the top song he wished he had written), I suspect there are some who have not come across it. - 365 songs in 365 days, raising funds for SolarAid

    Soprano - KoAloha KSM-00, Maccaferri Islander....Concert - Barron River Mahogany, Barron River Cypress, MyaMoe Koa, Johnny Marvin "Tenor" ....Sopranino - Rob Collins Cigar Box...all with Worth strings...and a few chords

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    Default BLACK MAN by the rubberbandit

    You probably have not heard of The Rubberbandits a sort of anarchistic
    Irish duo who disguise their faces with plastic bags. Their most famous
    song is called a HORSE OUTSIDE that would only offend those who get
    upset by profanity. So not wishing to offend the sensibilities of a single
    group I decided to do BLACK MAN which should offend everybody across the board.

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    Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome - wow what a nice bunch you have here!

    Some of the Aussies and Kiwis among you might know this one... if you've got a good memory anyway Just a short one, going a bit retro:

    Split Enz - Poor Boy

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