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Thread: Why do people say sopranos are hard to play?

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    Theres also the issue of reach. Getting to 15 on a tenor is just over the body edge. On a sop, it's going to be three frets over the body. Being able to finger stuff farther over the body is harder. If you're just tring to bar, and extend with a pinky on the A string... thats not so bad, but if you're trying to go across the fretboard above the 12th, it's going to be harder on a sop than a tenor. I don't go there often, but I do sometimes.

    And obviously people do play up there... or there would be no need for a cutaway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukulele Eddie View Post
    Fret placement is mathematically determined by scale length. The range from the lowest to highest note is constrained by the scale. There is a question of how many frets a luthier choses to provide, but the maximum number is limited by the scale length, though certainly usefulness comes into question as frets can get so narrow as to be useless. That's why you see some sopranos with only 12 frets and others with more. It's very challenging for most people to make worthy notes much above the 12th fret of a soprano.
    Thanks, I see what you're saying.
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    Not hard for me! I play my fastest on a soprano. But I don't have giant man hands, I have short little lady fingers.

    Haʻina ʻia mai ana ka puana

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    ok, Adios folks!

    Peace Be With You.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
    Where is the "can of worms" Emoji when you need one
    You said it, Dave.
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    I never heard anyone saying that soprano is hard to play. And if they would, I'd disagree.
    However, most very cheap ukuleles are sopranos, and some (maybe most) of these toys ARE hard to play.
    But if you got a real instrument it is not hard to play.

    What I don't like on soprano is that most just have 12 bars. I often need at least 13, and 15 are even better. Everything above though I think is not really usable (on sopranos).

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    I have a few ukes..I prefer my sopranos..fits in the arm nice..I think playing chords on the soprano easier! When I first started playing soprano I went for wider neck but nowadays I much prefer narrow neck..and of course sopranos have such a lovely chirpy sound

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    I don't find any scale of uke easier or more difficult than any other.

    When you first buy an instrument of a different scale length than the one(s) you are used to then there is a period of adjustment as you get used to the new size when it might feel more difficult but over time that feeling goes. At least it did for me.
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    I am a big chap with quite large hands,and my
    'weapon of choice' is always a soprano! I have
    tried every scale there is, (and currently still own
    two concert scale instruments) but as my signature
    implies,Soprano's are what 'does it' for me!
    All power and respect to you Concert,Tenor and Baritone players, but Soprano is what does it for me every time!

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    I find Soprano very pleasant to play. I used to think I were a Concert man, but lately I prefer Soprano more. I am also a cello player so I am used to long scale length.
    The sound and size of a Soprano just make me happy.
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