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Thread: Starter U Bass?

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    Thumbs up I Agree with UkerDanno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UkerDanno View Post
    I've had and seen bad experiences with the lower priced Ubasses, i know some people swear by them and have had good luck, but I think the Kala is the most consistent quality. Look for an older used one on ebay or reverb. I have a 2012 vintage Kala Exotic mahogany without the preamp, it's the best Ubass among my friends and there's 4-5 others.
    Thereís no doubt that Kala makes a good product, and I feel that they give extra attention to the U-Bass as the bass is Mike Uptonís (president/owner) primary instrument. That said, the cheapest entry point to a Kala is the $229 Wandererónot a bad deal, but still over $200. Iím okay with taking a chance on the $81 deal from Sam Ash, particularly as this wonít be my primary instrument!
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    Kind of my thought as well. I play in a trop rock band so it'll get played live if we end up doing acoustic shows, but I figured it would be a good introduction to see how I feel about it. Other than the buzzing, it seemed like a nice little uke. If I really like it and think I'll use it quite a bit, I'll likely pick up a Wanderer.

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