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Thread: Practice session length/strategy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobyDog View Post
    Maybe I should have added more info..... I'm not a total newbie. I don't know what level I would be considered, in Fred Sokolow's Bluegrass book (fingerstyle) I can play at least 10 songs comfortably. I prefer fingerstyle/picking to strumming.

    I've bought some of Sam Muir's classical pieces and they're beyond me. I want to get to a point where I can play them.
    Work slowly. Aim for accuracy. Speed will come with time. Use a metronome (I like the Tempo app)

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    The best advice I had was two things:
    - don't be afraid to practice slow
    - always play the whole song through

    The first part of the advice really gets you to be aware of what you are playing.
    The second part lets you give each part of a song attention, helping you to make the song your own.
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