I just picked up one of these from Craigslist. It’s a guitar called the Epi Roadie. It is a solid body with steel strings, a single humbucker pickup, a radiused fingerboard and a 19” scale. Recommended tuning is G-C-F-A#-D-G, but I plan to experiment with different string diameters to see what’s possible.

Epiphone has released a variety of these over the years, and given them different body shapes, various paint jobs, and various names. I’ve seen online references to the Roadie, the Pee Wee, the Vee Wee, and the Maestro Mini V.







I wouldn’t mind finding another of these. The one I have has numerous paint chips, and will require refinishing (or perhaps may end up with an entirely new body and bridge). Mine didn’t come with a strap, gig bag, cord, or amplifier.