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Thread: In the future...

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    Thanks Sequoia.....I will just post a handful and hope no one minds....These are actually pictures of my first build
    Black Walnut Back & Sides
    Sitka Spruce Top
    Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
    Honduran Rosewood Bridge
    Honduran Mahogany Neck
    Mulberry Head-plate Overlay and heel embellishment
    Turquoise Inlays
    And boy she sounded sweet...I can say (getting back on topic) that though I will use the bit of tropical hardwoods I already have I really enjoy building from domestic woods and they sound great...Cheers

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    Very nice... I like the turquoise inlays and have been thinking of doing a similar thing on the fretboard. Hard to really screw that up. So far I've only done fretbaord dots and rosettes out of turquoise. I won't copy, but I was thinking the same sort of swirl design. Darn! Guess great minds think alike....

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    Though I had not seen anyone use spirals or stone inlay for that matter before doing this one...there is nothing new or "original" in this world, just slightly different than what inspired us so run with it as far as I am concerned. I have seen plenty of your work and it has also been inspiring.

    I really like using turquoise and other stones. It just sets things off in a good way for my tastes.Adds another element to the piece. For what it's worth I use hide glue instead of CA as I prefer to use as many natural materials as possible. But CA works just as well with less yellow tinting...but I have found a way around that part.
    On others I have also used natural pigments to color the space in-between the stone fragments....So you can really get some great color combos and still use natural ingredients.

    Anyway, sorry for going off topic and thanks for looking.... back to the never ending task of french polish!

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    Interestingly looking at my holiday snaps this Silver Oak (grevillea robusta) ukulele built in 1967 by Kamaka shows people have been looking at alternative timbers for a while.

    Grevillea robusta is classed as an invasive species in Hawaii. It even grows down here in chilly Canberra. The main source for craft woodworkers around here is unruly garden trees being removed. It has lovely flowers and attracts nectar feeding birds.


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