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    Switched out the strings to Living Waters and I'm much happier. I'm not sure what strings it came with. Loprinzi has their own fluorocarbons, but also uses Aquilla as stock. The strings felt more like Aquillas than any fluorocarbons I've tried (Living Waters, Oasis, Worth Clear). They felt harder and my fingers could definitely tell the difference. Improved sound and more comfortable to play with the Living Waters. The sound of this uke is lovely. Warmer & more mellow than my KoAloha. Love playing it with the MiSi pick-up. The slim neck does take some getting used to. When I switch back to the KoAloha, the neck feels so fat, which it isn't by a long stretch.
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    Awesome. LoPrinzi makes great ukes in my experience. Also, I think the prices are very reasonable compared to some other instruments of equal quality.

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