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Thread: It Was a Merry Christmas.... then.... OOOPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snargle View Post
    Do you do that on porpoise?
    Whale.. to be honest.. yes I do
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    Ouch. Glad your foot wasn't hurt worse!

    Well, at least you have some humor about it and the UU clan is clearly working to help you smile. Someday you'll look back and laugh about it.
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    I was talking to fiddleist Richard Green once, and he was showing me his latest fiddle. He said he got mad because he kept messing up a solo, so he threw it through the screen door. After practically demolishing it, he rebuilt it. Looked pretty good to me, and sounded great.

    Our cats have knocked two of my ukes off tables onto the floor, which is laminate. They both sustained scars, which are barely visible. The kitties were forgiven.
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    Totally forgot I made this thread lol. I can't reply to everyone, but yeah I'm not too bent out of shape about it. Like someone said, I've had a lot of bad things happen this year, so I've learned to deal with the small stuff. As someone asked, the back and the sides seem pretty good, but I wouldn't try and repair it by putting another top on it or anything. Just gunna chalk this one up as a $150 loss and enjoy my other 3 ukes. Maybe it will be replaced one day.
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    I reckon you've probably had your $150 worth out of it in sheer pleasure - this is how I would look at it.

    (Basically, I never think about how much anything cost after I've bought them - I just enjoy them.)
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    Oh no! Those Cordobas are nice, I've played a few in stores, I was really impressed. I am sure you can replace yours with an equally nice-sounding one.

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