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Thread: Can't figure out strum pattern for a song

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    Just a note: this was on Ukulele Go’s Twitter feed tonight:


    Direct link:
    Playing ukulele since January 2016.

    Have you participated in the thread, "How the Ukulele Found You?" If not, please consider adding your story--they are just fun to read.

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    When I first started ukulele banjo I was learning Formby style and tunes. There was no internet so it was a case of listening to recordings and figuring out what was going on. I had the privilege of meeting Alan Randall who was a fine xylophone player and George Formby impersonator and player.
    He showed me the basic split, triple, fan etc.
    I still use these now and then to add a bit of spice to an instrumental break.
    However, when I'm learning a new tune, I never start by wondering what pattern I should use.
    The most important stroke is the one that keeps the beat and rythmn. The rest is "fill". The most important part, for me, is keeping good time and rythmn and the pattern of strums can vary throughout a song or tune.
    Above all, Timing is the key.

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