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Thread: What is your favorite scale uke? 2018 edition.

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    Default What is your favorite scale uke? 2018 edition.

    IF you had to pick just one scale, what would you pick? Choose your favorite. I know this thread/poll has been done before, but I'm just interested in an updated version with all current members who will participate.

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    My first uke about 4 1/2 years ago was a whim purchase, but when I started playing it, I found it difficult to form chords. I discovered it was a soprano and being that I played guitar for almost 50 years, I decided tenor was better for me. I went out and bought a tenor cutaway and that's been it ever since, gone through 23, down to 7 now.
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    It’s all depend on the songs and level of difficulties.
    If I must pick one I vote for tenor and I just clicked the voting button. That’s cool. I like having a poll

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    I picked baritone, though tenor is slowly growing on me. Tenor requires finer motor movements which I notice particularly in the right hand, but as it gets more familiar and I play it better, I like it more. Baritone is easiest and is still my go-to.

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    I would have to go with soprano. All the scale sizes have their nice attributes, of course, but I like the challenge of standing (or sitting) there with nothing but that little soprano, so "minimalist", and making it "work" with whatever songs I can come up with that fit my ever-declining vocal range (usually songs I grew up loving during the sixties and seventies).

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    I picked tenor, but I do like the baritone too, especially for finger picking. That said, I started playing guitar in 1968, and I began playing classical guitar in 1977, so I'm definitely not coming at this from an ukulele perspective. I might like to try a concert at some point, but for now I'm happy with my tenor and baritone.
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    I find it really hard to pick between tenor and concert. In the end I went tenor for the slight volume boost and marginally more substantial tone.
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    Concert! I never considered a soprano because my fingers were just too squished on the ones I tried in various stores. I loved the concert size immediately and still do. I bought a tenor but I was never able to bond with it. To me it seemed more like a guitar than the ukulele size and sound I was looking for. I ended up selling it because I never really wanted to play it.
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    I'm saving my vote for when my first tenor comes in the mail later this week! Never played one before, but the concert has always seemed cramped for me. But between concert and soprano, definitely concert.
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    I went for soprano, but only because my true favorite wasn't an option in the poll: longneck soprano! It's the best of all worlds for me, so much so that I think this year I'll be re-homing my two concert ukes in order to fund another longneck soprano.

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