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Thread: Advice for playing outdoors

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    A little pricey, yeah. I'm busking to save money for the next ukulele, and a Blackbird might take a few years worth of busking. Meanwhile, rather than spending baby's shoe money on a louder ukulele now, I'll just stick to the Bruko and play it as kypfer suggested, and then buy a louder uke in the Springtime with the money I made busking. Something around 150-200 euros. Thanks though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohanmike View Post
    It might be best to have someone stand where the listener would be and have them judge how it sounds. I bet it's better from there than from your ears.

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    I'm sure that this will be the case. I regularly play outdoors with anywhere from 10-25 other Uke players. They sound much louder when I stand in front, looking at them, as compared to when I am standing in the mist of them.

    If any of your instruments have a pick up installed, an inexpensive belt mounted buskers amp should give you the extra volume to punch through the ambient noise.
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