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Thread: Tell us about your 8 stringers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsfloyd View Post
    Ah, so it is! I just may have to splurge a bit
    I know several people with the Tk-70-8, they're pretty nice!
    Just Play

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    Quote Originally Posted by plunker View Post
    I picked up an Oscar Schmidt for under $100.00. The OS28T got good reviews. For me definitely a st rummer.
    Ditto, one of our band members got an OS 8 string, with a pickup in it. It's loud, even unplugged. I have to keep telling her to stop whaling on it!
    Uncle Elvis plays an 8 string, built by Moku, and he loves it. I'm sure it wasn't cheap.
    My spouse plays a Kamaka 8 string, with a set of worth clears. It's loud!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UkerDanno View Post
    I know several people with the Tk-70-8, they're pretty nice!
    This guy makes it sound pretty special:

    A bunch of stringed instruments tuned in fifths. And a bunch of cats!

    "There are two refuges from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer

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