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Thread: Making new bone nut baritone ukulele

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    Default Making new bone nut baritone ukulele

    Im making a new bone nut for a mid-60s laminate baritone ukulele I refurbished - New bridge and saddle, refinished. The string spacing at the nut is 3/8 between strings. Since the D and G strings are wound, should I cut the slots for the wound strings with 7/16 spacing?

    Not sure if this is an issues on ukuleles, even with 2 wound strings.

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    To do that your nut will have to be 1 3/4" wide..I'd just measure 1/8" from the nut end for the D & E strings and space them equally, as your fingertips rest on the centre line of the strings not the spaces. ebay i/d squarepeg_3000 Email

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