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Thread: An Ukulele for Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by sequoia View Post
    Here is the thing: I'm not really a professional nor do I want to be. I had no love for this instrument from the get go and the result was just an ukulele. Very disheartening. No love. No magic. Then what is the point? I'm sure I am not the first builder to reach this point as in "what is the point"? I can sell it sure and I like the money, but there is something that is gone. Aloha perhaps? (Runs from the room and bursts into tears).
    Maybe better to put it up for adoption so it can find a loving home? ...hint, hint
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    Looks pretty good to me. I get what you are saying. If you never pick it up......move on. I like the idea of a left over bits and pieces ukulele. I’d say you did pretty good by this pile of left overs.

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