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Thread: That time of year again

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    Default That time of year again

    The temperature here in the North UK has increased up to 4 C so due to this modest heatwave.. I was intending to start in the workshop this morning tidying up and servicing the machinary ready for a good start this year ... but due to a bad head cold that makes me feel bad and going two days without the taste of the demon drink which makes me feel even worse I can't summon up the strength to get off my arse..Maybe after lunch I'll try again...Mrs T aint too good either...Welcome to 2018
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    and it doesn't help having to stay indoors and watch "Wanted Down Under" on the tele.

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    Timbuck, sorry you and Mrs T don't feel good. I have the crud too. It's been way too cold out to make me feel like going out, and my uke is in the shop. Getting a lot of reading done, and watching Gunsmoke TV reruns on YouTube!
    Feel better!
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