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Thread: NUD - Gary Gill short-neck tenor

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    Congratulations RG, very sweet
    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by RafterGirl View Post

    One thing I am struggling with is the strap on the Gary Gill. I use straps on all my ukes and much prefer two strap buttons. Not a fan of tying to the headstock. But Mim told me that because of the way the neck is joined to the body on the GG, you can’t put a strap button on the heel of the neck. If anyone has a supercool, stick-on strap button idea, let me know. Having the strap tied above the nut gets in my way and tying above that makes me wonder about pressure on the tuners. I have tried the sound hole hook kind and those are the worst.
    I suspect that the only person who knows your Uke better than Mim will be Gary himself and maybe he can offer you some help or guidance. There’s good news there because Gary is a UU member, you could send him a PM or, maybe better still, an email (he might not log on here frequently). It could be out of date now, and I don’t like to replicated that personal detail here again, but I spotted his email address in one of his posts - so not that hard to find.
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    Congrats Raftergirl! Isn't Mim great?
    I visited Ms. LoPrinzi last week. She is doing some repair work for me.
    We have a club member who has 2 Gary Gill ukes, and one is her go to uke.
    I've played the GGs and some LoPrinzis, and they're not quite the same. If you look closely, you can see a lot more experience in fine luthiery in the LP ukes.
    I don't even like strap buttons on my necks. I tie a piece of soft leather shoestring between the two pairs of tuners, around the headstock. It never gets in my way, and I have no trouble with tuning (always tune before you play anyway). There is also another (leather) strap that smoothly wraps around the headstock and doens't interfere with tuning. We have 4 of them but I don't remember where we got them.
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    I have seen the Uke Leash website that has either webbing or leather securement for the headstock. Maybe I will look at one of those?

    I am super happy with my little herd of ukes. They each have a distinct size, sound, and personality.
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    That's gorgeous, RG! I saw it on Mim's site and gave it some thought myself. I think that scale on a tenor is a brilliant idea. Congrats, and have fun with your herd.
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    Congrats on the uke! Sounds like the perfect combo. Wish I had known Gary made a short-neck tenor and that he was still making ukes. I'd love to have one. Enjoy it!
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    Congratulations on the new uke. It looks lovely! A slightly out of the box thought for your strap button situation. What if you used a wooden strap button and glued it to the heel. No screws or anything would penetrate into the heel to disrupt the neck joint configuration. In my experience, a well done wood glue joint should have more than enough strength to hold your strap button in place. Unless, of course, you have a tendency to get extremely animated while you play .

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    Quote Originally Posted by RafterGirl View Post
    I have seen the Uke Leash website that has either webbing or leather securement for the headstock. Maybe I will look at one of those?
    This is my favorite strap option. The webbing is easy to put on and the strap can be clipped/unclipped from that if you want to share the strap between several ukes. I also prefer the one with the end pin connector although I do have one without that can be used with ukes with no pin.

    However - it is still connected to the headstock and if you don't like that, you may not like the UkeLeash either. Personally I prefer it to the two-button setup as it feels more "stable" to me with smaller bodies of ukes - but that is a personal preference kind of thing.
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    Hi and congrats. Check your inbox for a private message (:

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