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Thread: NUD - Gary Gill short-neck tenor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    This is my favorite strap option. The webbing is easy to put on and the strap can be clipped/unclipped from that if you want to share the strap between several ukes. I also prefer the one with the end pin connector although I do have one without that can be used with ukes with no pin.

    However - it is still connected to the headstock and if you don't like that, you may not like the UkeLeash either. Personally I prefer it to the two-button setup as it feels more "stable" to me with smaller bodies of ukes - but that is a personal preference kind of thing.
    I looked at the Uke Leash website this morning and I think I found my solution. I already have a nice Sherrins Threads strap for the Gary Gill that's attached to the end pin of the MiSi pick-up with a Tapastring adapter. You can buy the Uke Leash headstock adapters separately, so that solved the problem on that end. to put the two together??? I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and there was the answer (I hope). A banjo adapter with the male portion the the strap buckle on a short piece of polypro with a tie. I can tie the banjo adapter to the end of the Sherrins Threads strap and snap into the headstock adapter. I will report back when I get it and see if it works.
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    Maybe check this out too - I use it on one of my ukes without the second strap button at the heel -

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