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Thread: Ukulele Related News from NAMM 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Hanks View Post
    If the last 10 seconds are representative, that's not something to be disappointed about.
    I’m in 100% agreement with you, Jim. If you like KoAloha, the sound between the acacia Opio and the koa KoAloha is close. As in: “I’m pretty sure that the Koa doesn’t sound 2x better for 2x the price, although Koa is pretty!” Now that I’m an owner of a 2016 Acacia Opio Concert and a 2004 KoAloha Concert, I can see the value of the Opio line even more than I did before—and I also have a Sapelele Tenor Opio. For the record, I think the acacia on my Opio concert is better looking than the koa on my KoAloha concert (which, I think, has a koa neck and bridge, too)...but both of these instruments will be inherited by my children.

    I’m also interested in the new KoAlana laminate line made of that other wood...there are plenty of times that I would like to take an Opio but choose not to, and when my Outdoor doesn’t quite fit the bill. That new KoAlana might be the perfect “middle” instrument. It’s going to be fun to watch for these instruments this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choirguy View Post
    I’m also interested in the new KoAlana laminate line made of that other wood....
    I know right? Would be cool if the D-VI got down to the KoAlana line as well but kinda doubt that'll happen
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    I'm very late to this thread on account of being knocked down by the flu when this was all posted, but I wanted to say thank you to all who shared info here. It is nice to see all the new products coming out and equally good to see that the makers believe enough in the future market for ukuleles, and to keep making new products and improving upon old ones.

    Also, Kudos to kohanmike for your info and sharing the video with Ukulele Bartt. That was really great to see you playing with him. If it were me, I dunno if I would be able to stop gushing and grinning enough to be able to actually play, as I am also a big fan of his too.

    I know the MFC Timber bass seems like it's crazily priced, but I still want one, Some day...

    I am also intrigued by the Ohana tenor guitar and the Romero concert TT...
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    Thanks Booli. It did take me a minute to compose myself, and I was self-conscious throughout, I know I bumbled my way along.

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