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Thread: Season 311 - Kisses

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    I am half convinced by my narrator's attitude to ageing in this song.... But only half-convinced.

    Here's a happy sounding little number about our mortality and life's natural narcotic that makes us eventually accept it.

    The tune doesn't sound all that original to me - I think it draws on memories of loads of country songs of my youth. But if anyone recognises specific phrases, feel free to let me know.

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    Hello again, Jim! My second song for this week, which might be a bit of a cheat - but the kissing aspect is fundamental to the lyrics.

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    A kiss through the frozen window - "Suudlus lšbi jšštunud klaasi" (1982), a song by Rein Rannap and Ott Arder

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    Well here goes, the Pearl Jam version of "Last Kiss", recorded on my phone (which oddly has better audio quality than most of my other pads etc).


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    Hi Friends, this is an original song by us, La Wolf (WS64 and Kale'a). With the 311th Season of the Ukulele category of "Kisses", we thought it was a great fit so wanted to share it with our friends here. Thank you so much for listening. Unfortunately, we are not able to do a live video together because we live on different continents. But we hope you enjoy this recorded vocal version. Both Wolfgang and I appreciate it so much. La Wolf
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    I love this week so much so i had to to this second one. i'm surprised no one has done this fairly obvious cheesy song yet

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    I had a different song planned for my 2nd entry, but then the flu struck and I didnít feel vocally up to it. This Blink song isnít great, but itís better than the other one would have been. Sickness is wrecking our elementary school this year, and I handle every single book that every single sick kid turns back in.

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    My No. 1 this week. Originally a hit for Brian Hyland in 1962 but later covered by Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Bobby Vinton and, most recently by Jason Donovan in 1989. It's the Brian Hyland version I remember.

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    Default Screen Kiss

    Quote Originally Posted by bird's eye view of my ukelele View Post
    this week has been a classic example, for me, of how my seasons brain operates, and how the seasons work for me! when i read the theme i had a song pop straight into my head, i tried to resist it but couldn't! lol! so that was my first song. then i went a-looking online for other songs that fit the theme, and found an absolute gem, a new-to-me song by a singer i love, so that was a delight to do! that was my two songs done, but the theme keeps working on your brain throughout the week regardless, and i had an idea for a homemade song develop, and did it just for kicks, as i'd already done my two for the week. i think the brain work/research side of the seasons is great, and like rex said, sometimes as well you just happen to hear a song and think OH gosh that fits the theme! it's great! i also get my parents and a pal of mine who is really into music, she's an expert on punk rock but also knows a whole bunch of other stuff too, in on the act, they come up with great song ideas!

    This is pretty much my experience with the Seasons too, though I tend to raid my record collection/iTunes rather than search online for inspiration if none strikes. That's where I found my first entry (in my iTunes library), but this is the 'irresistible' song that popped immediately into my head when I saw the theme. The reason it's my 2nd entry is that it must have taken me around 12 hours in total to work out some chords (there's none available online - I'll post what I've worked out below). Still haven't worked out the intro riff, so just went straight in with the vocal.

    Screen Kiss  - Thomas Dolby (from 'The Flat Earth', 1984)
    *Note: EM7, DM7, GM7 = E, D & G _major_ 7ths, respectively.
     D*4 (cresc)
    |Bm D | Em D | D G | G  D |*2
    EM7    D#m
    Miller time 
           C#m       Bm7                D#m
    at the bar where all the English meet__
    EM7      D#m             C#m
    She used to drink in the hills
    Bm7                             D#m
    Only now she drinks in the val-leys
    EM7         D#m 
    Where ev-er-y road
          C#m             Bm7   
    has a name like Beach-wood Avenue
    or so it see-eems
    EM7      D#m         Em  
    The Croy-don  gi-r-r-r-l 
                 Bm7            D#m                  
    could really hope to find a home,  but
           Em                DM7                   GM7    Bm7
    With a thousand miles of real estate to choose from
           Em             DM7                GM7     Em7  
    You be-gin to see the value of your free-dom...
    EM7         D#m           C#m            Bm7       D#m
    The moon is bright in the haze above old Holly-wood__
        EM7       D#m           C#m
    And deer look down from the hills
             Bm7                         D#m  
    And it's three o'clock in the morning__
    EM7     D#m           C#m               Bm7       D#m
    Pill in hand, you can hear his golden surfer voice
    EM7       D#m   Em   A              Bm7                 D#m    
    Crying ou-ou-ou-out,   "Mummy won't come out of the bathroom!"
              Em                  DM7             GM7       Bm7
    And you'd hoped he'd say he's sorry if he hit yer
             Em            DM7                     GM7      Bm7
    but he's buried in the screenplay of this feat-ure   (feature)
    Bm7              Em7            
    Screen kiss, one screen ki-iss
                    GM7     A7 
    Straight from a film, I forget who was in
    Bm7              Em7
    Screen kiss, one screen ki-iss
                GM7        A7
    Blue filter lens, 'n'a pool of vaseline
        D              Bm7
    But all the rushes look the same
                      G               D                    Bm7    
    Only there's a mo-vie, I wouldn't pay to see again, aye___
    Em7                  Bm7
    If it's the one with him in
    EM7         D#m        C#m            Bm7          D#m   
    You__ and I could be a mile above the earth tremors___
    EM7     D#m          C#m  
    Hold to me and we'll climb___
              Bm7                        D#m
    You could sneak out while he's sleep-ing
    EM7     D#m         C#m         Bm7           D#m      
    /  Su-i-cide in the hills above old Holly-wood___
             EM7              D#m       Em
    Is never gonna change the wor-r-r-r-ld
               Bm7                  D#m
    Change the world, over-ni-i-ight
        Em               DM7                GM7     Bm7
    Any more than the in-vention of the six-gun...  child____
        Em                DM7             GM7  Bm7     
    Any more than the dis-covery of Rad-i-um,  oo-oo-ooh
       Em         DM7            GM7
    Or California tipping in the ocean___
    Bm7              Em7
    Screen kiss, one screen ki-iss
                    GM7     A7 
    Straight from a film, I forget who was in
    Bm7              Em7
    Screen kiss, one screen ki-iss
                GM7     A7                 
    Blue filter lens, a smear of vaseline
        D              Bm7
    But all the rushes look the same
                      G               D                 Bm7   Em
    Only there's a mo-vie, I wouldn't pay to see again  aye
    G/D                  A7                        F#m7 Bm7  Bm
    If it's the one,          if it's the one with him in
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    Quote Originally Posted by weerpool View Post
    I love this week so much so i had to to this second one. i'm surprised no one has done this fairly obvious cheesy song yet

    I was secretly hoping you were going to do this and here it is. Nailed it bro!
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