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Thread: Your stratigies transcribing a melody line

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsunegarcia View Post
    Follow all the above advice first.
    If everything else fails:

    if a song has words and you can sing fairly well trying singing it slowly into an app that is used for tuning your instrument. You should be able to coax out key notes important to your melody. Obvs if you can't sing in the right key this won't work. If you have missing notes that make no sense, just keep trying different ones until it sounds right. I have not tried this on instrumental pieces but it could work.
    Thanks. I wonder if a piano would make it easier. I will try to work it out.

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    I can recall doing this before my ear was more developed. I would look for a note and play what I thought it should be. My ear was good enough to tell me if it was (a) the note I was after or (b) too low or (c) too high. If it was (a), I'd look for the next note. If it was (b),I'd look for a higher note. If it was (c), I'd look for a lower note. Eventually I'd find the right note and go on to find the next note. As your ear develops, you'll be able to find more notes in a row and eventually, if you can whistle or hum a tune, you will be able to play it (or notate it).

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    I find the piano to be a great help. Find the single note melody. Then you know the key. Now put it together on guitar, ukulele, piano, or whatever.

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    I first learned how to transcribe using the link below. It’s for the guitar but the steps could be applied for the ukulele.

    Also, I use AnthemScore if I want to figure out the notes played real quick. It transcribes mp3 files to sheet music. It is not free.

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    I listen to the piece over and over until its in my head. I then map out the phrases on music paper and label them. Next, I then pay close attention to the bass line and can usually hear the basic chords that way and write them on my chart. Once the phrases and chords are inked out, I figure out the melody, phrase by phrase. Most songs have repeating phrases or variations on a couple phrases so after a two or three phrases you're almost home. I pencil out the pitches on the chart and add the fine points of rhythms afterwards. Once I'm satisfied with the results I type the notes and chords into Finale and add TAB, chord boxes, etc., making a lead sheet.

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    I head over to Ultimate Guitar dot com, and key in the name of the song to see if anyone has allready transcribed the song.

    No point in re inventing the wheel, take what has been done snd refine it to your needs.
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