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Thread: The Cordoba Mini and Guilele Aquila E tuning sets (with sugar reds) are here

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    Iím still waiting for somewhere I can buy the u-155 low g Tenor strings canít find them anywhere.

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    Hello Mimmo,
    Thank you for this great news (and sound test demo) the exciting new development of these wondrous Red series string set (nylon + copper). What is the Aquila 153C set's tension on a 20" scale Cordoba mini? I'm using the official Cordoba E tuning nylon string set and very much interested to try out the new Aquila 153C. I hope to achieve a brighter sound and hopefully smaller string sizes too.
    Thanks in advance.
    Youn Chin

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    The 153C set is for E tuning on 17" scale. This would likely be very high tension on 20" scale. You could likely do D tuning or even C# on the longer scale with similar tension. But that wouldn't give you brighter sound.

    Do you know about the E tuning set specifically designed for the Mini?
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