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Thread: Duke banjouke question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie View Post fiddle around with my ukes.....
    Nice pun.

    Have not found the need to add additional tension hooks on any of the Duke models, and have had them all. Like any banjo-like instrument, maintaining proper head tension is oaramount to best sound quality.

    Interestingly, I put a Tone-Gard ( on my Duke 10 and love it. The standard Tone-Gard (mandolin model) fits the Duke 10 perfectly. The result is IMHO a richer sound and better volume (as if a banko uke needs more volume!).

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    I must confess....I did already mess with this uke. I didn't like the paint on the neck, so I sanded it all off. It plays easier (for me) now. I guess I'm just a fiddly kinda gal...
    I wonder if the tone guard would give my wooden ukes more volume? Hmmmmm.
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