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Thread: How long did it take you

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    Quote Originally Posted by newtou View Post
    I know everyone is different but how long did it take you to feel comfortable with your ukulele as far as transitioning chords and strumming?
    Under an hour.

    But I'd been learning guitar for a year at that point, and recognised that the chord shapes were the same, so I picked basic uke chords up very quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ripock View Post
    Another variable to this question is one's intention/goal. It takes three to six seconds to learn to strum the C6 chord. A raw beginner could learn the three shapes needed for any pop song in a day. Beyond that, it all depends on how expansive your goals are. For example, after a year's intermittent practice I can fumble along in any key. I can duplicate some jazz guitar on the ukulele as long as the youtube musician says what he is doing (i.e., I can't watch a guitarist's fingers and know what he's doing, but if he calls out go to Ebmaj7, I can do that). So, in general, I agree that in half a year, a strummer should be well along the path.
    I agree, it really depends on where a person thinks that they have to be to start. When someone picks up a ukulele for the first time and asks me to teach them something, I show them a C and a G7 and then teach them There Ain't No Bugs On Me. It is a fun song. It is easy to play and easy to sing. I've yet to run across anyone who couldn't just pick it up pretty quickly and sing it while they play along. Ten minutes most of the time. So many people say that they just can't learn to sing and strum at the same time, but I find out most of the time they are trying to sing and strum some crazy hard song to sing and strum. I mean, if Hotel California or House of Gold is where you start, it is going to take a long time to get there, Ain't No Bugs On Me, not very long at all.
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    I started Ukulele playing in last August, so I have now studied ukulele about 6 months. I had guitar background.
    Now finally I start feel comfortable. Yesterday I added Bmajor/G#minor to my sequence practice keys. So I now can play quite easy all basic chords in keys of 4 flats to 5 sharps. Meaning also to able to make changes fast enough, in normal tempos.

    What I mean with basic chords? I give them as example in C/Am: C, Dm, Dm7, Em, E, E7, F, G, G7, Am. There are still chords outside major, minor and their dominant 7th chords that I need from time to time to look in the chord sites, depending of the key played in. Like sus, 6ths , major sevenths, diminished/augmented fifths, 9ths etc. But basic chords I have now covered. Also in those other 2 keys that I still lack the sequence practice knowledge from the total of 12.

    To be a good strummer with ukulele one needs to be able to play the lowest available notes in every chord, to keep them nut close and to avoid some immediate from maybe guitar knowledge got barre/movable chords higher up the neck, if possible, in my opinion. To keep the chords at the same approximate level and the sound that way balanced. It takes a lots of chords to learn even with only those above mentioned basic chords.

    I am not the most technically capable person, so besides knowledge I have needed also to learn physically to play the needed changes and that is still a work in progress. But I feel quite comfortable now. I seldom touch my guitar because my uke chord knowledge is now better. I guess that has been one aim with my uke practice that I needed to reach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtou View Post
    I know everyone is different but how long did it take you to feel comfortable with your ukulele as far as transitioning chords and strumming?
    For me it wasn't until I recorded myself and critically listened to all my mistakes and problems, that I started down that road. Didn't realize how bad my playing was until I recorded and listened.
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    I think that it is all pretty much subjective. When I first started learning going from C to F seemed like a big challenge. But after practice I now do that with ease. However, as we learn there seems to be several chords that are a challenge. Mine right now is B minor either transitioning in or out from that one.

    For me, the fun of this instrument is hitting the occasional speed bump but then later realizing that it wasn't that big of a deal.

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    learning to read sheet music
    bit of picking simple tunes
    nine chords, few different strums

    20 min to an hour practice every day
    ten months

    mind still not good enough
    to be heard in public

    am enjoying myself

    yours truly

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    I was lucky, strumming and singing just seemed to fall into place.

    To learn C, F, G7 a one hour beginners workshop.

    To add a few more chords so I could play in more keys than just C and to make clean chord transitions 3-6 months definitely seems about right. To play a couple of bar chords - 5 years. Mainly because the songs I sing and the chords needed for them did not need me to play bar chords so I didn't really put any effort into them for about 4 of those years. I'm still not proficient at bar chords but am getting better.

    To be really good - the rest of my life. There's always something new to learn. I learnt to play recorder when I was 11 and played it on and off for a few years then picked it up again when my children were at primary school. I've now been playing recorder regularly for over 30 years and there is still plenty to learn. I've been playing ukulele for about 7 years so I've a long way to go.

    In the end it's the pleasure that making music gives me that matters. I love doing it so I'm always trying to improve.
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