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Thread: Tenor, baritone or both

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    Check out Caramel Baritones on Amazon, the CB-103 is a joy to play, has a pickup and cost less that $100. They now have a stress bar or what ever. I tune my Tenors dGBE and like them that way. The Fremont dGBE strings are very nice or use the D'Addario EJ99's for tenors as dGBE.

    Check this out I tested four Ukes and eight strings sets as dGBE.
    Or I test the Blacklines.

    I also thru in my Baritone for comparison.
    I was actually considering the caramel but read that they have a high action. Plus I read that the cb500 has a better sound. I do prefer the look of the 103 zebra. I live in France though...

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    If feedback from amplification is your problem, you might want to look at an all solid body instrument such as the Pono TE (Tenor) or BE (Baritone). There are other makers as well, such as Teton, Eleuke, Risa, Godin, Lanikai Makapu'u, or something like the "Jack & Danny Electric Solid Body Ukulele" which is more of an entry level price. This type of body is supposed to reduce feedback issues.

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    If you want an electric uke, there are some cheaper options like the Clearwater or Vorson steel string electric tenor, but it will likely need to be played with a pick. Another option that I have tried is a Mahalo electric nylon strung Concert scale uke. Both of which will incur the cost of an amplifier.

    However, I now prefer to use an acoustic uke with a microphone when I record for The Seasons challenge thread on this very forum, so maybe consider this an option too.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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