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Thread: 2 Bruko ukes played by Wilfreid

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    Default 2 Bruko ukes played by Wilfreid

    Saw this on Facebook, 2 Brukos. I like the pineapple, sounds fuller to me. Of course, W's playing is always inspiring.

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    Ukecaster thanks for posting the above, I found it very interesting and immediately went off to find out more detail.

    For those that want to view the video differently here’s the link needed: . A second video of the Pineapple being played by someone else is available here, but ‘conversation’ is in German : . The Pineapple appears to be made of Maple and Walnut, I think that the back might be curved and it looks like the bridge has a removable saddle.

    Wilfried comments that the strings are not the same on both Ukes and that the Pineapple is experimental. The Pineapple has Aquila Reds on it and the No6 has medium brown Worths. Wilfried’s playing is, as ever, truely marvellous and shows off the humble Bruko well. I’ll be following availability of the Pineapple with interest and wonder about price - I love my KA-P with M600’s but would consider replacing it with Bruko’s Pineapple.
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    A bruko's pineapple seams amazing. I really like its look and sound.

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