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Thread: Strings for a Kanile'a: Aquila red, Carbonblack or Sugar? (another post on strings)

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    Question Strings for a Kanile'a: Aquila red, Carbonblack or Sugar? (another post on strings)

    I've had my Kanilea 1 S-C, for over 6 years, but I always used same strings set (there's no much variety here in Chile either): Aquila Nylgut or New Nylgut (basically almost the same stuff), mainly because is the maker's advice. But I'd like to go for a little change now and I was wondering if anyone had tried the Red Series, the Carbonblack or Sugar Aquila in their Kanile'a ukulele (all high g, I'm a traditional kind of guy). I'm not switching brands, because here in Chile there are not many options (there's d'dario, but I don't want to try them yet). Any thoughts, or expiriences with those sets? I've tried the Red Series with my Super Soprano Anuenue Laminated (Papa I), and I liked the feeling and the sound because they are thiner, and they brought a nice punch and swetness, and removed some of the extra noise of the New Nylgut strings I had before. But I don't know how my Kanile'a would respond to that.
    Please don't tell me "just try", because I'll do it, but I wanted to ask first for opinions and experiences in this matter.
    Thank you all and Regards!
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    I have not tried the carbonblacks but have tried the other two. I liked the Reds ALOT, but I had the breakage issues with them. Yes, I did try the supposed latest version. Not everyone has them break but I gave up...shame since I really liked them. The Sugar strings I like a lot as well. Both the Reds and the Sugar are bright, have good sustain and tune up quick and hold it well.

    If and when you get ready to try the D'Addario strings, I would highly recommend the EJ99T. That is their tenor fluorocarbon string. All I have on my ukes now, are the above mentioned D'Addario's and then Savarez fluorocarbons.

    Good luck on your string can be fun trying different out never know what will work the best.
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    I've tried the Reds and the Carbonblacks. On this forum, Mimmo from Aquila has said that the Carbonblacks are actually the same as the Reds, but with a different colour added. I believe him. I can't tell the difference when playing them. FWIW, I like them. They feel very different to both Nylguts and Fluorocarbons. They are very bright and seem to be lower tension than most other options, so they are easy to fret and bend.

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    I use the nylguts and reds on my kanilea concert. I really liked the old reds- they never broke for me. I’ve been using the nylguts since they switched. I like them on that uke.
    The carbonblacks weren’t for me.

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