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Thread: Season 314: And The Nominees Are...

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    Acc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive is a well known number. I used to listen to the Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters version of this on an old scratchy 78 of my parents. In homage my voice is scratchy on this recording.

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    So I hear people say the research and exploration is the funnest part I think not for me! lol It's the worst part for me, but I freely admit I'm an odd duck, which I'm sure most of you knew already. I actively dread it for some reason, and not even sure why. But then when I come across something I think is cool I'm all happy, so yeah, I'm a hypocrite. That's what happened here, never heard this song before, which I'm surprised about, but when I saw it was Marty Robbins I knew there was a decent chance I'd like it, and I sure did right away. So I worked this up very fast from scratch here this morning. This is the 2nd song I've done this week that was a Gary Cooper movie, and I've never seen a Gary Cooper movie. lol

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    raindrops keep falling on my head nominated for butch cassidy and the S.D.K

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    We’re having a sleepover, so we have six kids instead of four. I believe we have found our limit. I had to escape back to the bedroom to get this take. It’s one of this year’s nominees.

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    What a mug I am! I posted the video to Youtube this afternoon, but then forgot to link to it here!

    When I read the topic, last night, I was having difficulty imagining how I could approach it with an original. I played around with some of the "Oscar" history and had a kind of chorus:
    "But it looks like uncle Oscar, I really swear it does!" - but that lyric wasn't going anywhere.

    Then I awoke this morning with the line "You deserve an Oscar for how you handled tonight!" in my head (tune and all) and with the help of the muse, I soon had a rough draft of what the person had done that had so impressed the narrator.

    The rest was just blood, sweat and no tears.... The blood being from my gums when I cleaned my teeth.

    So let me set the scene. A rich young person who moves in the highest circles has a new lover. This one, apart from being from a lower class than our protagonist, has ideals. But has he (or she) put them aside for our narrator at the social gathering they were at earlier, or not? Will this be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship" or not?

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    Kiss at the end of the rainbow. Anyone? Anyone? Long-distance collab?

    PM me.
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    "When You Wish Upon a Star" from 'Pinocchio' 1940

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    Theme song from Cat Ballou.

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    Season 314. Submission 1. "The Look Of Love" (Words by Hal David, Music by Burt Bacharach(1967))

    This one is from the film [B]Casino Royale[B] in 1967.

    Thank you for hosting, Randy, and this terrific theme. I'm getting in the mood for the Oscars already!

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    What a great start! I can't wait to see what the week brings!

    pabrizzer * * Oscar Needs the Blues * * Oh boy. This is just perfect. Great start to the Season!

    wee_ginga_yin * * Jeepers Creepers * * I love your take on this. So darn good!

    YorkSteve * * Born Free * * I remember when you did this before. It was beautiful, moreso now. Terrific addition to the Season!

    wee_ginga_yin * * That Old Feeling * * I love these songs! Well done!

    Mythinformed * * Somewhewre Over The Rainbow * * I knew that this song would show up here, and I am delighted that you're doing it! Such a pretty, introspective version. Top notch!

    Joko * * The Bare Necessities * * One of my all-time favorites! Love your take on this! And the bloopers are fun!

    chrisschross * * Tammy * * Such a gorgeous version of this song! I am so happy to add this to the Season!

    Recovering Bassist * * High Noon * * Terrific performance of this classic! I've got to admit, I'm a little pleased to take people a bit out of their comfort zone, sometimes that brings out amazing performances!

    Recovering Bassist * * Under The Sea * * Hooray for your wife! Good song, well done. I've never seen the movie either, but Ive heard the song.

    xommen * * These Are The Hands That Build America * * Maybe I really AM a psychic! I figured that you would do this! Well done! I liked the movie Gangs of New York, too!

    guzzler * * Ac-Cen-Tchu-Ate The Positive * * This is such a good song, and your playing is fun and spot on!

    Recovering Bassist * * The Hanging Tree * * Awesome! You gotta admit that it's fun to make new discoveries! Now go watch a Gary Cooper movie!

    stanat20 * * Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head * * I always think of Butch and Sundance when I hear this song. Well done!

    UkuleleLibrarian * * Remember Me * * I haven't seen this movie yet, it's on my list! Well done. Have fun with the rugrats today!

    berni armstrong * * You Deserve an Oscar * * Oh boy! An amazing song in very short order! I expected that the songwriting rule was going to be challenging, and I am once again amazed how quickly you constructed a fun melody and lyric. Bravo!

    Mythinformed * * When You Wish Upon A Star * * Such a wonderful song. Well done!

    AlanDP * * Cat Ballou * * Oh yes! One of my favorite movies, and your arrangement is awesome! Big smiles from me!

    turtledrum * * The Look Of Love * * What a great choice. You make it seem as though the song was written for you. So good.
    Randy - Harry122

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