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Thread: "Smile", "I get along without you very well (except sometimes)" and more...

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    Default "Smile", "I get along without you very well (except sometimes)" and more...

    Hello to all, i'm Stivo, french ukulele player and singer.
    One month ago i created a YouTube channel, it took me years to put one on, while i play uke for like ten years. Maybe that wasn't just the good time for this.
    I'm still working on that channel and i actually upload there some jazz covers, only recorded live with a uke and my voice.
    So here are the two last ones, i hope you'll enjoy this.
    There are 3 other songs to discover on that channel too, so feel free to comment or sharing. It's always interesting for me to have some american or european comments, especially about the voice and the accent. I do my best to sing in english but i guess my french accent is still really present. Well, tell me if it sounds interesting anyway.

    I'm working on a new set of jazz covers (those in the videos will be in the set) and when i'll be totally ready with that set a double bass player will come to help me.
    So there will be some new stuff to come soon.
    Have a good day and i hope you'll enjoy theses first ones.
    Cheers from france.

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    It seems like I keep running into you all morning !
    Great performance!
    Keep them coming.

    Please participate in our Mike Lynch tribute thread :

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    Excellent Stivo. You have a very soothing voice. I will be visiting your YouTube channel.
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    Nice playing, beautiful voice. Not what I expected.

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    Hi it and the other songs on Youtube.
    Waiting for your CD ?

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    Hello to all and thanks for your nice feedbacks. @Robin Yes i plan to record a CD soon, i should begin to record it before the end of the month.
    I don't think there will be a real CD objet, maybe just an album to download on Bandcamp or something like this.
    I think about releasing at first a free EP and then releasing a LP which won't be expensive at all.
    Just covers in that style, rather chilly moods.
    I'll talk about it here soon, it's a project i care about.
    Thanks again

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    Salut Stivo,
    Discovered you in the French forum, but my English is way better than my French, so sorry
    I like your way of singing/strumming very much.
    Greetings from Germany! Kiki aka ukuleleovernite
    ...playin' Zappa on tiny instruments....

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