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Thread: Pono Baritone Sunburst w/ structural damage (Video)

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    Default Pono Pro Classic Spruce/Maho Baritone w/ Sunburst and appearance damage


    *In the video I specifically said the Ukulele had "structural damage". When it doesnt, I confused the term. The damage to the uke is purely appearance damage, surface damage, its done nothing to the integrity of the instrument.
    *Please take a look at the video on this listing as to get as much information as you can about the instrument.

    If theres anything I didnt mention in the video feel free to contact me for any questions.

    Purchase includes; Ukulele + Hardshell case + installed pick up.+ Guadalupe custom strings just installed (20$ value hands down best strings out there)

    Ive had this bad boy since around 2016. I played professionally and it was my main instrument. Out of every uke i've ever owned or played, this has been my absolute favorite.

    This uke is part of the pro classic series of Pono, which means it used the best quality wood around. Uses spruce top, Mahogany back. None of that fake crap. Big punchy sound, Loudest uke ever

    As i've stated there is some damage to the Uke, and if you like things pretty, dont buy it. But when it comes to the sound of this lovely instrument, its exactly how it sounded when I bought it (I could actually argue that it sounds better since its been broken in). Its loud, robust, and sweet sounding. The appearance damage alone just doesnt convince me that I should be selling this for cheap. Most people didnt even notice the damage till I brought it up and showed them.

    Anywho, this uke also has a pick up in it, so you can plug into anything you desire. The LR baggs 5.0 pick up is the best out there for pluggin in your ukulele. It was worth 200 when I had it installed, this Ukulele without the pickup or the case was $950.00. I actually dont see it for sale anymore, but the value came out to a little under $1200.00. I would love to give whoevers interested all the specs to this uke, but the page isnt available because its either out of stock or not being made anymore. I hope I included all I could into the video. The reason im selling this is because i recently switched to a new instrument, and im not playing it anymore. Also accepting offers. Make me one I cant refuse!
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    Bumping because updated

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