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Thread: Strings for switching between high and low G

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    Default Strings for switching between high and low G

    Hey all, was wondering if there was a good set of strings suitable for switching out the high/low G string. Since high/low G come in their own sets, I’m not sure if the CEA strings are made differently to go with whatever G you’re using.

    I only have 1 uke and it would be a pain to have to switch out all 4 strings anytime I wanted to go between high/low G. Thanks all!

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    Personally, I think that'd be a pain in me arse.
    Get another uke, keep one strung up lo G and the other hi g.
    You'll be happier.
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    Good one Nickie. +1 on getting a second ukulele!

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    Yea, I’ve thought of that. Was thinking maybe a cheap Kmise or Vtab concert as a 2nd uke. I don’t mind switching strings for right now though.

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    To answer your question, no, you don't have to switch out all 4 strings. "Balance" between the strings can be an issue, but that's generally the case with low G anyway. Switching between high and low, the low will probably have to be wound to be closer in size to the unwound high G. You might need to try a few low G options to find one that works well with your chosen CEA set.
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    It's just the g string that's different between the two sets, assuming same manufacturer and style of string. High g and low g, but CEA Is CEA.

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    The CEA strings are the same, BUT every time you change your G string, it will take time (a few hours maybe?) for it to settle in. During that time, you will need to constantly play and retune that string. It's not as simple as simply switching the string and being good to go. Personally, I'd buy a cheap second uke to have both options available when I need them (I currently have ukes permanently tuned to both high G and low G).

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    Try the fremont Soloist low G...
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    Once you put a low G string on, you won't want that high string any more anyway.........
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    Another option: a 5-string uke. Ohana makes them. It’s has two Gs. High and low. Or, as suggested, take your second uke and string one reentrant and the other linear.
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