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Thread: Full Setup or Expedited?

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    Default Full Setup or Expedited?

    When you buy from Hawaii Music Supply, do you get the full setup or the new Expedited setup? I bit the bullet and went with the full setup. It takes about two weeks, and the wait is awful, but I figured I might as well have it arrive in as good condition as possible.
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    Full setup ... ALWAYS!

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    Personal preference: full setup.

    Compared to the potential years you may own the uke, waiting a few days or weeks longer for a great setup is worth it

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    I do both, depending on what ukulele brand I am buying.

    Recently, I did the full setup on a Kala and the expedited setup on two Koaloha's and a Kiwaya. They all play perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackkey007 View Post
    Full setup ... ALWAYS!
    Just Play

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    I'd assume that their "full setup" is mostly needed with the entry level stuff. On more expensive instruments, I'd expect the makers to dress the frets nicely etc. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to take any chances and always go with the full setup. It is a painfully long waiting period, but like others have said: better to wait a few days longer and receive an instrument that has been set up to its full potential.
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    Haven’t find any difference, I have 3 Ukes from them 1 with expedite, all play great!!!
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