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Thread: Low-G Strings: Resources or List of Options?

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    Default Low-G Strings: Resources or List of Options?


    I've been searching for a list or resource that would share the options available for uke strings available in Low-G. Particularly including info like whether they are high/medium/low tension, wound or unwound, if they come in a set or with Low-G separately, whether they are bright/warm/dark, Soprano or Tenor specific, and whether you can use a tenor set on a smaller body (I've been told that some tenor sets with Low-G like the D'Daddario Fluorocarbons Low-G will actually work well on a soprano).

    Does such a resource exist? I found the incredible sticky post that talks about many different string options and is truly fantastic. But it gives little info on Low-G options so isn't as helpful for anyone who needs that info. If such a resource doesn't exist, perhaps we could pull together and post the info here? If it does exist, I'd love to be able to read it to learn more. I want to try a Low-G set on my new Outdoor Ukulele Carbon Soprano.

    (I know that Low-G, especially on Soprano or Concert is contraversial to some. I'm not really wanting this thread to turn into a debate of the merits of the Low-G on smaller ukes as that is discussed in many other threads. I'm hoping to find, or create (with the help of the community here) a resource for fold like me who want to try out. I hope that makes sense.)

    What little I know so far is that D'Daddario makes two sets (a fluorocarbon and nylon set, I believe, that are both tenor) and both unwound (I think). Aquila has the Reds which come in unwound Low-G and I believe, in multiple sizes. I think that there may be another Aquila Low-G option but don't know which line(s) and whether they are would it unwound. I've heard Worths, PHDs(?), Living Waters also come in Low-G but I don't know more. And I don't know really know much about which strings have what sorts of sound. I've heard Aquila Reds are bright and that Worths are warmer but don't know if that hold true in their Low-G sets.

    Lastly, could we find info or perhaps add thoughts on mixing/balancing string sound characteristics with uke sound tones. For instance, do bright strings sound good on a bright sounding uke? Or is it often better to mix a warmer string sound 9n a bright uke and a brighter string sound on a warm or darker toned uke for balance? Obviously, everyone can do what they like to get the sound that they want and love but I thought it might be helpful to have suggestions on what different combinations might give.

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice and knowledge you can share! I really appreciate it and hope we can add more info here for others - even if it's just adding a link to a comprehensive resource.

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    I don't have any wisdom to share, but I will follow this thread with great interest. I am a new uke convert and I play fiddle and mandolin, so I want to try low G myself.

    my ukuleles... in order of acquisition:
    Donner concert
    Kala tenor
    Makala Dolphin
    Ubeta travel soprano
    Mitchell soprano
    Muke soprano
    Kala SEM
    Kala CEM
    Hamano soprano
    "Watermelon" pineapple soprano

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    Fremont Blackline offer Low G sets of four fluorocarbon strings. There is also a wound low G single string option, the "Soloist". The fluorocarbon sets come in medium or high tension and will fit soprano or concert.

    The Soloist will fit: soprano, concert, or tenor.

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    I also have a set of Living Water fluorocarbon low G in concert here but have not used them enough to comment.

    Some Low G strings are too "boomy" in relation to the other strings . There is a lot of information about why this might be on the Southcoast website. I've not encountered this booming with the Blacklines which accounts for my preference for them

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    I use the PhD low G set on a Koaloha concert (koa), and my wife has the same set on an Ohana Concert Pineapple (mahogany). On both instruments the sound is well balanced. In my experience, low G is fine on a concert uke.

    PhD strings are unwound, but the G is smaller in diameter than many unwound low G strings, so it may not require widening of the nut slot.

    They're sold by Daniel Ho Creations

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    I used Fremont fluorocarbon Low G on my Pono concert. It sounded warm and worked very well. I got it as a single string from uke republic.
    I also tried Worth brown, low G set, fluorocarbon (FC Low G), on my Kamaka Pineapple Soprano, it did not work well. The Low G felt too sloppy and unstable. I had to change it to a wound Low G (Oasis Smooth wound).
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    Very simple.

    Wound Low-G strings:
    Of course, some ukulele string brands offer their version of a wound string (eg: Aquila, Fremont flatwound low-G)

    Unwound options:
    Aquila Red, Worth Fluorocarbon and Fremont Fluorocarbon low-G options

    Between Soprano, Concert and Tenor, there's no real need to use a low-G string specific to them.
    Ones that specifically state "soprano" or "concert" may be shorter in length, and in some cases be designed to be lower tension than a "tenor" one.
    But generally speaking, I find Tenor low-G to work the best for any ukulele size.
    Or any classical guitar D string of a tension set of your choosing.

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    OK, so from what I can tell thus far, for unwound options there are:

    Aquila Red (available in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor specific sizes)
    Worth Fluorocarbon (Available in a variety of sizes and packs in both the Brown and Clear varieties)
    Fremont (available in Soprano & Concert string set, Tenor string set, as well as a Low-G single string that, from what I've read, is the same for Soprano, Concert, and Tenor and all are available in Black and Clear)
    PhD (Unwound G-String is thinner than some & generally doesn't require nut filing)
    Living Waters
    D'Addario Fluorocarbon Tenor set (that is confirmed by at least some people/manufacturers to work just fine on Soprano and Concert)

    Coming soon: a new Aquila Red type that is unwound and is currently in beta testing. I read a post recently about this and the person expected the strings to be available quite soon (in 2018). If I find the post again, I'll link or post more info.

    I'll try to add to this as I find more information.

    For wound strings, there appear to be a *much* wider range of options including many from D'Addario, Fremont, Aquila, any Classical Guitar "D" String and more.

    Maybe we can also add some of the perceived sound characteristics as well. It appears Worth Browns are felt to be more mellow vs the Worth Clear which is felt to be more bright. I've heard mostly that Aquila Red tends to be bright. I'd love folks to add more info to this as well. I specifically said "perceived" sound characteristics because everyone may feel a little differently about how strings sound.

    Thanks to everyone who's contributed. Let's all continue to add what we find, as we're able.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifereinspired View Post
    Fremont (available in Soprano & Concert string set, Tenor string set, as well as a Low-G single string that, from what I've read, is the same for Soprano, Concert, and Tenor and all are available in Black and Clear).
    The Fremont single low G 'Soloist' is a wound string. The fluoro strings are called Blackline which is a hint as to the colour.

    (On reflection that looks a bit brusque, that wasn't the intent.)
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    Fremont so,list low squeak wound string

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