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Thread: Flight Travel Series TUS50 Soprano - REVIEW

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    The TUS50 is identical in every way to the 35 with the exception of the top (which is laminate walnut - only available on the 50) and a sound hole rosette etching. Everything else is the same
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    Unfortunately, my experience with it has been quite bad. The e-string just won't stay in tune more than a minute without dropping at least a half note in pitch, and after a few hours, several notes. I thought maybe the teeth on the gear tuner might be be bad, but doesn't seem to be the case. Too bad, I was hoping for something that would do for a travel uke. A litle disapponted with the gig bag, which evidently switched from a little nicer/heavier beige bag, to a blue one that looks like it was made out of windbreaker material. Aw well, for $60 I shouldn't expect too much.

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