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Thread: Season 321 - The Discovery Channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountain goat View Post
    Georgia Satellites weren't no one hit wonders at my place brother.
    this song below, still in my top 10 faves of all time.
    please play it for me Alan.
    The did “Battleship Chains”also. Got a lot of radio play in my neck of the woods. And ... Zevon and Hindu Love Gods covered it too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanDP View Post
    Nightwish! I don't think I could ever possibly translate one of their songs into ukulele.
    They do a cracking version of "Walking in the Air" - though you might need to wait till there's a bit more snow on the ground to do it justice
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    Since I get to do an extra one today and tomorrow, I thought I'd dig into my mp3 collection and see what I could come up with.

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    Great topic that fit right in with some stuff I have been doing lately. I heard Sam Baker in an interview on NPR, and he just knocked me out. This number is, from what I can tell, typical Sam Baker - beautiful, simple and moving.

    Best of all, I was able to do a collaboration with my friend the fabulous Shelley Standing. Hope you all like it.

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    As I bring my Saturday to a close, I'd like to thank everyone for another terrific day. The diversity of performances and songs chosen made for terrific listening. We're at 98 vids for the Season so far, with each a beautiful reflection on our love for the ukulele and music.

    Trent has posted his great bluegrass theme for Season 322, but we've one Sunday left to post in Season 321. I look forward to tomorrow.

    Thank you again! Linda

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    My brother gave me an old LP of his from 1973 by Esperanto Rock Orchestra. One of the guys went on to be in the Little River Band, but otherwise the band quickly sank into obscurity. There was a song I always loved on this album called "Gypsy". They weren't a prog rock band, but this song always felt kind of proggy to me.

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    Orphans - Beck

    It snowed here. A lot. That gave me the opportunity to record a Beck song for the first time and discover my new cajon I bought recently.

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    Here's our cover of Valerie by The Zutons (most famously covered by Amy Winehouse).


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    Wow, how do you follow that one. Terrific

    This one came up in one of the Mokum Sessions quite recently.

    from Queenscliff, near Geelong, near Melbourne, in Australia

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    I never thought I'd get a video in for this week. I have been working night and day to finish subtitling an excellent Catalan Crime Thriller series into English. I did the first series for them last year and this year they asked me to do Series Two. It's very rewarding and creative (but very demanding: subtitling has very strict rules about length, etc). It's also exhausting and time consuming. However, they only sent me 8 of the 13 episodes - so I managed to finish them before the weekend was out and thought I might have time to do a cover. My muse had other ideas and woke me this morning with the chorus of this submission almost complete in my head. I sat up in bed and sketched out the verses. Then I typed them up on my PC before returning to the bedroom to do the early unsuccessful takes (purple walls in the outtakes). Oh yes. After the song finishes I added a few of the 27 outtakes this song ended up having .

    There is a real discovery element involved in this entry too. For years I have had a Bolivian Charango in my collection. It's a cousin of the ukulele and is tuned (Lowest to Highest) GCEAE. Essentially, it's an eight stringed uke with an extra treble course. The strings it came on were dead as door nails. It is supposed to have a very bright sound but the original strings were as bright as mud. So, I never played the thing and even put it on a website to sell it (no takers).

    Anyway, I got to wondering if a string change would help and I ordered a new set recently (from the excellent Strings & Beyond) and patiently changed the originals for the new Super-Gut or whatever Aquila call it. They proved excellent strings and they bedded in faster than any other nylon strings I have ever used. The long and the short of this is that I DISCOVERED an entirely new instrument through this string change. And as that is the theme of the week, I couldn't resist using this Charango, rather than one of my standard ukes for my entry this week.


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