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Thread: FS: Collings UT2 Tenor-Spruce/Mahogany

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    Default FS: SOLD-Collings UT2 Tenor-Spruce/Mahogany

    Hi everyone: I purchased this lovely Collings UT2 tenor used approximately one year ago. Spruce top and mahogany back/sides and the spruce top really makes this uke sing!

    It is in spectacular condition--I see not a single ding anywhere.

    I need to thin my collection and it's time to find this beauty a loving new home.

    some specs:

    top: Spruce
    Back/Sides: Mahogany
    fretboard/bridge: rosewood

    bone nut/saddle

    nut width: 1 3/8"
    neck width @ 12th fret: 1.75"

    string spacing @ saddle: 1.75"

    17" tenor scale length
    Neck joins body at 13th fret

    neck carve: C shape

    body/neck finish: high gloss

    case: a quite lovely and original Collings hard shell uke case
    that fits this instrument like snug fitting Spandex!!!

    Collings' quality needs no description, and they no longer make ukes. That's a crying shame because these are exquisite instruments in both sound quality and build quality.


    That price does not including USPS Priority/Express Mail shipping from Hawaii where I live.
    Based on prior experience, that cost ranges from $75 low end to $150 high end depending on the weight of the box and the insured value of the uke.

    Will ship only to USA destination.




    I have purchased a bunch here at the UU Marketplace, but I think this is my first time selling here...I have done tons of selling on eBay (clpva) and Reverb, so lots of experience here with selling instruments.

    Before anyone asks, I do not have any sound clip examples.

    I am happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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    These are not very common. I already have two Collings which I adore or I would likely jump on this. Good luck with sale!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukulele Eddie View Post
    These are not very common. I already have two Collings which I adore or I would likely jump on this. Good luck with sale!
    Jump on it Eddie. You need a third one This one is pretty !

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    Eddie sent me a PM question which was a good one, so I will answer it here as well.

    He asked if anyone smokes in my home, and the answer is no. This uke has not been exposed to smoke, and in fact
    it has not left my house in the year that I have owned it.


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    In addition to the Collings being rare, this particular combo of Mahogany and Spruce is quite rare. What a beauty, and reasonably priced as well!

    I've done a transaction here with Charles! He's a straight up guy, and easy to work with!

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