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Thread: Buzzing noise in Firefly banjo uke?

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    Thanks all. I ended up going another way and just had a Duke 10 come join me. I'm still kind of stretching my hands to get used to tenor, so not sure I'll keep it. Love the sound though. May get one of the new concert goldtone little gems just because I love the blue. May also try to construct one of my own-- just cuz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly Adams View Post
    I am primarily a banjo player, and I play both 5 sting and banjolele.

    Put a sock in it = I don't like banjos! IMHO.

    I had a Firefly. Odd overtones. Nothing loose.... I don't have a Firefly now......

    I love the banjolele and still play them!
    Which one do you play?
    My uke family:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mineymole View Post
    Which one do you play?
    I play a Gretch Clarophone banjolele.
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