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Thread: Replacment latch for Oahu Tenor Case

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    Default Replacment latch for Oahu Tenor Case

    I recently bought a used Pono Tenor ukulele that came with an Oahu hardshell case.

    One latch is loose and needs to be replaced. I cannot find a matching latch. There is no way to contact the Oahu Case Company.

    One problem with finding even a mismatched latch is that very few sellers give accurate dimensions for length, width, and rivet spacing.

    Iíve been searching the web for 2 days and I think I've found most latch suppliers. Anyone know how to contact the Oahu Case Company?

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    My Oahu case came from The Ukulele Site. Perhaps they have vendor information.
    - Laura

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    Quote Originally Posted by actadh View Post
    My Oahu case came from The Ukulele Site. Perhaps they have vendor information.
    Andrew at the Ukulele Site is great with this sort of thing. If they don't have an extra latch laying around, I'm sure he'll be able to get you in touch with Oahu.

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    Unlikely to produce a perfect match, but you might look at yard sale or thrift store suitcases, briefcases, etc. You might even have something around the house already.
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    Oahu Case Company is now owned by HMS. I'm guessing they can help you out. Joel is the setup guy and is probably the one to email about it.

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