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Thread: mid-range 6 string ukulele?

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    Default mid-range 6 string ukulele?

    Anyone know of any existing mid-range 6-string ukuleles? (Not guitarleles) I know Kala has a solid acacia 6-string tenor for around 350 euros, but the next thing I can find is something like a Kamaka 6-string for something like 1500 euros. Pono had one but doesn't anymore. Anything out there for around 700-800 euros?

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    The budget 6-strings (Kala, Ohana, etc) often have the doubled C and A strings in unison rather than octave, and I have not yet come across one that I found appealing. The big K ones (Kamaka, Kanilea, Koaloha) on the other hand are truly awesome and I am saving up for one right now. I doubt you can even find a decent shape used one in your price range though.

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