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Thread: Guitar vs Ukulele

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    It is nice to see this thread come to life again. Good conversations about guitars and ukuleles always draw out some great ideas. glad to hear about your uke builds and the fact this got you back into your love for woodworking. I have a woodworking background, use to do it for a living. I am resisting the urge to go down your route, I want to concentrate on improving my playing skills first. Cause if I jump into building I'm afraid playing will come to a screeching halt

    @Bill always you make excellent points and observations, especially about keeping good instrument for future use. This is sound (pun intended) advice. I will go through periods of preferring a tenor or a soprano or baritone.

    @Ukecaster......I hear you about the drawback of so many different instruments. I play in a ukuele group, three of us. When working up a new song I will only play and practice with the ukulele I have choice to perform with. If I am jumping around from baritone to soprano to tenor during that time I am screwed come performance nignt.

    @kerneltime......So true about the discover and honeymoon period, so fun so lustful. But once all the string experimentation is done then it is time to practice and play. A few weeks ago I sat on my back deck with one of my guitars ( yes I have a FEW now, GAS is real as UAS). I played and sang 7-8 songs in a row. I just got lost in the was wonderful, I felt like a player
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    Ukuleles.............yes please !!!!

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