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Thread: Laminate Soprano Islander or what ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Greenbag View Post
    Thank you for the picture and the case comments, I found them very helpful. I already have a decent gig bag so if it is practical then I’d prefer not to purchase another with the Uke. However I now wonder whether my friend would prefer it to be bagged. Perhaps I should consider one and so it would be helpful to know the brand name (if it had one) of the disappointing item. The Kaces brand bags are available at UR for $22, but I have no experience of them.
    It’s a flimsy vinyl no-name gig bag. Minimally padded with little protective value.
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    Glenn, the Kmise is 1 3/8" at the nut. Which I think is relatively standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziret View Post
    ..... the Kmise is 1 3/8" at the nut. Which I think is relatively standard.
    Thanks for the additional information. I’ve now contacted my friend and asked him to check out getting an Islander for me and also (first) re-checking the logistics of carrying it over with all his other luggage. It should all be straight forward but .......

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