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Thread: Kiwaya KTC-2 with hardshell excellent condition

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    Default Kiwaya KTC-2 with hardshell excellent condition

    I've decided to sell all of my ukes except for one kiwaya soprano. My UAS got way out of hand. After purchasing 2 concert ukes in about 2 weeks, I realized again that I don't enjoy playing concert-sized ukes. They just don't work for me. I've sold the Collings, so this beautiful Kiwaya KTC-2 is next to go. Recently purchased from another forum member, in excellent condition, with Kamaka hardshell case and strung with worth browns.

    I can't find a ding on it that I can photograph- you'll have to look closely in proper light to locate any blemishes/etc.

    It is an older model, pre-sticker on the peghead, with a gloss finish.

    I will not be accepting returns because I need to pay some bills.

    $615.00 will get it to you in the lower 48 US, with insurance. make a reasonable offer- i'm in a little money pinch and will give serious consideration to it- thanks!
    Paypal only please; I will send an invoice to keep it all official.
    Any questions will be easier for me to answer directly through my email:

    I've sold a few instruments here on the forum, and have 100% + feedback on ebay (markwinsal), so purchase with confidence- I believe in the golden rule when it comes to buying/selling/trading.
    THanks for looking; please feel free to ask questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdogfingers View Post
    I've decided to sell all of my ukes except for one kiwaya soprano.
    That's extreme, but a good choice!

    A friend has this model. I have the newer version. They are different, but neither is "better." His older one has a slightly smaller, thinner, body. Is that your observation, too? Your model is what sold me on Kiwayas.

    Good luck with the sale.
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